<b>Introduction B</b> <p><b>1B:</b> The Romantic context: themes from Goethe and Schiller viewed as formative by Steiner in early years, and viewed as supportive to his 'anthroposophy' in later years</p> <p>1B1: Egyptian Mysteries: Schiller's esoteric religiosity and pre-existence</p> <p>1B2: Goethe's 'primal skeleton', 'primal plant' and Steiner's 'life-force'</p> <p>1B3: Goethe's esoteric religiosity (the Rosicrucians) and a Platonic 'Devachan'</p> <p>1B4: Goethe's fairy tale provides the thematic basis of <i>Die Pforte</i></p> <p><b>2 <i>Die Pforte</i> AN OUTLINE OF ITS STRUCTURE AND THEMES</b></p> <p><b>2A:</b> Describing supra-sensible phenomena, metaphor and 'transferring' German into English, including Steiner's neologisms</p> <p><b>2B:</b> An overview of the scenes in <i>Die Pforte</i>