Angermann-Beutler Family Tree


  • Peter Barton



The text is a transcription of the family tree for the Angermann, Beutler and Klemm families found in the back of a diary written by Charlotte Angermann née Beutler, wife of Konrad Angermann and mother of Marianne Angermann-Bielschowsky. Those listed were from long established Saxon families, though some had moved to Rhineland Westfalia at the time the tree was sketched in 1946. Charlotte detailed the family relationships for her daughter, Marianne, in order to show what had become of them as a consequence of the Second World War. Several family members were actively involved in the Nazi Party, the Wehrmacht or SS, while others were antifascists.




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Barton, P. (2023). Angermann-Beutler Family Tree. Otago German Studies, 31.